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[The New Japanese -Language Coursebook is Available Online!]
“Irodori: Japanese for Life in Japan” is available on the website from March 31, 2020. This is a textbook for foreign people to learn basic Japanese communication skills that are needed for daily life and working in Japan.

The main features of this textbook are:
▼Content that covers a variety of topics and situations to let you effectively acquire practical Japanese communication skills that you are actually likely to use in your life in Japan
▼Learning objectives of each lesson are given as Can-do statements, giving you a clear idea of what you will be able to do after studying the lesson.
▼Topics and grammar points roughly follow those in the previously published Japanese-language coursebook Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture, which conforms with the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education.
▼Appropriate for learning Elementary-level (A2) Japanese for daily life and working in Japan and useful for learners who are preparing for the Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic)

【日本語コースブック『いろどり 生活の日本語』をウェブサイトで公開】
#国際交流基金 日本語国際センターは、新たな教材『いろどり 生活の日本語』を3月31日よりウェブサイトで公開しています。外国人が日本で生活や仕事をする際に求められる基礎的な日本語コミュニケーション力を身につけるのに役立つコースブックです。ぜひご活用ください!

▼トピックや文法項目を、JF日本語教育スタンダードに準拠した既存のコースブック『まるごと 日本のことばと文化』と緩やかに関連づけています。